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Shanecia The

Hi! I'm Shanecia Tate, your dedicated and trusted real estate agent, committed to guiding you through the exciting journey of buying, selling, leasing or investing in real estate. With a passion for helping others and a deep knowledge of the local market, I am here to make your real estate dreams a reality.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together. Whether you're buying, selling, leasing or investing in residential or commercial property, I am committed to helping you make the best decisions for your unique situation. Contact me today, and let's turn your real estate dreams into a reality. IF YOU AREN’T QUITE READY TO PURCHASE DUE TO CREDIT REASONS, BOOK A CREDIT REPAIR CONSULTATION WITH ME!

Tax Professional amd Credit Specialist

Shanecia The

Shanecia is a highly skilled Tax Preparer with over 15 years of experience and a deep understanding of tax preparation intricacies. I am committed to empowering individuals and small businesses to navigate the complex world of taxation with ease and confidence. I strive to provide tailored solutions and unparalleled support to my clients.

Although it started as being a seasonal part time hobby 15 years ago, In 2023 I decided that it was time to establish a business with all my knowledge and expertise. I connected with an established Tax firm in Houston, TX where I became an affiliate, successfully completed training and officially launched my own tax preparation business. Tate Tax Preparation (TTP) was founded in 2023 and services all 50 states virtually and local to Houston, TX and surrounding areas. TTP also offers credit repair services! Click the link below for a consultation and to enroll in services.

Allow me to be your trusted partner in your journey! Whether it’s purchasing, selling, leasing a property or tax preparation and credit repair services!


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Beyond the transaction, my ultimate goal is to be your lifelong real estate and financial services partner. I am dedicated to fostering lasting relationships and being a trusted resource for your financial and real estate needs. Whether you have questions about market trends, refinancing, taxes, credit or simply need a recommendation for a reliable contractor or lender, I'm here to help!

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